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The number of players is unlimited. Two to six players play 32 cards, more players use a pack of 52 cards.

The dealer deals out all cards one at a time from right to left. Then each player from the dealer to the left pulls the neighbor`s card. After this players slough pairs of cards (2 kings, 2 sevens etc.) The witch can not be sloughed. The queen of spades is the witch. This queen may change the victim during the game several times. In the end the loser has two queens - witch and one of three others.


There are from 3 to 6 players. A pack of 36 cards is used.

All cards one at a time are dealt. The objective is to slough all cards frist. Cards are placed in sequence by suits.

The one who has nine of clubs leads first. The next player may continue the row to this or that side, i.e. to place eight or ten of clubs. Moves are made by turn. One should prevent the other players to place their cards.

Children are to be taught this game in the early childhood, because they will calculate better at school.


There are from 2 to 6 players. The pack of 36 cards is used.


Objective is to slough all cards.

Each player gets 6 cards. The exposed trump is placed under the pack.

The game is played clockwise. The first player leads any card. The second one beats the higher one or the trump. The rest of players add the cards of the same dignity. The number of additional cards has not to exceed the number of the first player`s cards. The beaten cards are taken away. In case the player is not able to beat them, he takes them. The players take cards from the pack during the game in order to have six cards.

The one who sloughs all cards wins. The new game is started "out of the fool". The loser deals.

Players may form partnerships: two against two or three against three.


There are from 2 to 7 players.

The pack of 36 cards is used.


The objective is to get rid of all cards first.

Each player gets 5 cards. They look for the certain combinations of cards. Combination 1: two cards of the same dignity plus any card. Combination 2:two pairs of cards of the same dignity plus any card.

After the trump is exposed, the player to the dealer`s right leads. If he has two equal cards, he may lead them to his neighbor to the left adding any card. If he has two pairs, he may lead them and add any card. If he doesn`t have any pairs, he leads a single card.

Suppose, the opponents beats cards. In this case this is his turn to lead. If the opponent is not able to beat cards, he takes them. The game is played by the next player. Players take cards from the pack during the game.

The player who got rid of the cards by the moment when there were no cards in the pack, waits for the new dealing. The one who remains with cards when the rest of the players got rid of theirs, is named a fool. He deals till he manages to win. If anyone cuts the cards shuffled by the fool, becomes the fool himself and deals.

And the last notice. The player having trump six, can change this card to the trump exposed.


The number of players is unlimited. Any pack is used.


Cards are distributed between players one at a time. The player to the dealer`s left starts the game.

Players slough by an upper card. The one who has the higher card takes all cards and places them under the pack in his hand. In case two or more players slough equal cards, they have to slough one more card each.

The game ends when one or two players have the whole pack. The one who has no cards loses.

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