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24.02.2013 New card game - Hearts

I added today new card game - Hearts. At present it contain`s only basic moment`s.  ...

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08.09.2010 Online Blackjack Game - The Site for The Connoisseur Blackjack Player

A new reliable online blackjack games guide with blackjack tips and with information about online casino software providers, blackjack card game rules and strategies.

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02.11.2009 Online Poker Room Guide

Poker become more and more popular game. But often peoples no any additional time to search land bassed poker room, go there to play. So it`s cool that we have Internet, that can suggest us online gaming. We search net for best online poker rooms and now

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10.12.2008 New card game - Bridge

Today I added new card game - one of the most popular card games - Bridge. At present it contain`s only basic moment`s and some history of the game.  If you know about this game please send us all info and we will placed it on our site with thanks to you and your signature. Our contact info you`ll find on contact page. ...

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19.11.2008 We need your help in our work

Hello everyone. I hoped you found this site usefull. But yoг can help us to make it more good. How? If you know some secrets or tips, or may some card games that are not present on our site, you can send us them. By this way you can help us and all our visitors to learn some new. Also if you have interesting facts or stories - we will be happy to publish them. I wait for your respond :)  My contact ...

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