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Online Blackjack Game - The Site for The Connoisseur Blackjack Player


One thing that is not up for debate is the fact that online blackjack is one of the most popularly played games there is. It is right up there in the popularity stakes with roulette, craps, baccarat and many other casino games. Unlike games such as poker and bingo, blackjack offers very few dedicated sites and there are a whole host of different software providers offering different variants of blackjack. If you are a Connoisseur Blackjack player and this is your game of choice, a dedicated site is a must-have, so you know the best places to play blackjack as well as the most favourable blackjack rules.

How about a site where you can read blackjack tips and strategy, learn blackjack rules; in fact breathe blackjack if you like? If you are mad about this game, and you want the right information to choose the right blackjack sites then make your one stop shop - it actually won't cost you a penny!

It is simple to learn to play blackjack and there is really only one overriding factor in this game. Believe it or not, this factor is not to get 21, the most important fact is to Beat the Dealer! If you were not aware of this, then this is the site to get all your information. There is also some very important data that all blackjack players require, and this is what software providers, provide what, in terms of this game. For example, Playtech offers 6 versions of blackjack, all based on Vega Strip Rules, these games are easy to play and there is a slight variation in each that makes them a little more interesting. Did you know you can play for a progressive blackjack prize when you play at Playtech casinos? You can, this is called Blackjack Progressive and what a super fun game this is, it cost slightly more to play, with a minimum wager of £5, but there are huge opportunities to win additional prizes in this game and it may offer you better value for money.

Microgaming on the other hand offers 43 variants of blackjack and it can be confusing to say the least, if you are not sure what game to play. While the Microgaming variants are many, no one really needs this amount of games, and they vary in that certain blackjack rules either do or don't apply. Again this software provider offers a PJP version of the game, and they also offer Pontoon as well as Spanish Blackjack and live dealer Blackjack.

Your comprehensive source of information for all blackjack games is it is a premier source of information and a directory of some of the best software and sites available. With this well loved gambling game which simply yet effectively challenges the odds, the more you know the better equipped you will be to take on the world of blackjack. It is a well known fact that an informed gambler is a better gambler too.

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